MATURE MIND - First take - Nakup vstopnic

MATURE MIND - First take  - Vstopnice

Podrobnosti dogodka

Welcome to a new memorable techno journey, that will take place in cult hall in the center of the 2nd largest city in Slovenia, with global DJs and a piece of dark underground, which will impress anyone who craves for good and timeless music adventure.

Let's welcome our upcoming guests, all established DJs on the underground techno scene for many years…


(Fe chrome / Dolma rec / Autektone)

A woman at the top of her game is the unique Romanian female artista Nusha, who is involved into the techno scene since 2007. She has experimented and refined her musical taste throughout the years by sharing stages with well-known techno legends and playing some of the greatest techno festivals across the world. She is experienced by experience and developed her own signature sound which never seems to fail! Her sets are powerful, energetic and standing still is not an option. After you have entered the dancefloor, be ready for a solidarity environment where positive vibes are being shared between ravers. She is regularly to be found on Autektone, FeChrome and Orange Records, which are a perfect match.


(Drumcode / Spannung Records)

Thomas Schumacher’s life's work is so all-encompassing that it goes beyond the scope of any bio. He is a uniquely gifted producer and DJ who has shaped the culture and sound of generations of Ravers with his creative genius.

From the beginning of his career with tracks like "Ficken”, “When I Rock” or "Schall" (under his alter ego Elektrochemie LK) until today, Thomas Schumacher has managed to move the masses across the globe. Thus, the demand for his signature sound DJ sets has never been greater and his influence on the current global Techno sound keeps rising . Thomas Schumacher’s standing


(Easy Tiger / Recycled Loops)

During his 25 year career he leaves the most recognizable trace in the tribal techno era through his mixing on three decks and Recycled Loops releases and his Recon Warriors label, trademark of his sound. Since the music was always his passion, Marko loved to experiment and combine through various genres and styles, and evolved his style from techno and tribal techno to fusion of house, minimal, tech house and breakbeat.

He stands behind well known “Easy Tiger”, party series and vinyl only label, as well as bootleg label under the name “Rakija”. Projects he is a part of are TTP 2.0 (TTP), and a new one to come called Amnasti, album with Ana Curcin planned to come out in 2023;


(Reload Records)


(Deepnd records / Toxic Recording)


(Red Channel Records, Autektone Dark)