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This is the end of the year and everyone thinking about where and with whom will welcome the 2012th year. Everybody wants to choose the perfect place to escorte old and celebrate the New Year with their loved ones. We have chosen some of the most interesting offers for New Year's Eve in Belgrade. Choose the best event for New Year's Eve, however is just once a year!

Širom zatvorenih očiju NYE2012, Rezidencija kneza Pavla, 31.12.2011

The concept of " Širom zatvorenih očiju NYE2012" is designed for anyone expect something more from New Year's Eve, for those who value choice and avoid stereotypes, especially the opportunity to be provided only once a year...


Najluđa noć na balkanu - Aca Lukas, Beogradska Arena, 31.12.2011

31, the 2011th from 21.00h, Belgrade Arena will turn into the biggest club in the Balkans. Aca Lukas and Folk House Band will welcome the New 2012th year with their fans in Belgrade Arena, which will throw a spectacular welcome. Special guests will be the First Trumpet of Guca manifold and trumpet master Dejan Petrovic with Big Band.


Beer to Beer New Year 2012, Belexpocentar, 31.12.2011

Beer to Beer New Year 2012 based on the consumption of many types of domestic and foreign beers for your taste in abundance during the craziest night. Besides enjoying the delights of the golden drink gives you the possibility of consumption of all types of alcoholic and soft drinks. Dj Pantelis , The Beatshakers , Nemax Jackmill & Loco Baby are guarantee a good time.


48H INDUSTRIA 2012, Ex klub Industria, 31.12.2011

Would you like to go one more time where it all began?To go down the stairs and see the famous club that was created by Belgrade's electronic music scene in all its glory?Well, miracles do happen in the New Year's Eve ...HAPPY PEOPLE & SHOWTIME for the new 2012th brings you 2 days clean industry!


STARGATE 11, Brod Kolos, 31.12.2011

STARGATE11 ..:::.. ASTRIX Live & DJSet, EYAL Yankovich (HOMmega Rec., IS), SWITCH (Phonokol rec. IS), Aquapipe & Sivi (GoaSapiens, RS), FreakedFrequency, SoundControl, Paja – Monolit + special guests


ENTER THE FUTURE, Supermarket Café, 31.12.2011

Dare to enter the New Year's Eve in the year 2500, robots, where a predominance of the world, microchips driven brain and aircraft serve as the cars. Is there life after people find out for yourself!


Mikser Nova 2012., Mikser house, 31.12.2011

The largest regional festival of creativity "mixer" in the New Year's Eve, 31 December 2011. year, will open its doors for the development center of innovation in the design and recently adapted an industrial plant of "Steel" in Savamala historic city center, in Karadjordjeva 46! Stars of big "mixer new" party will be DJ Matt Didemus from the popular Canadian pop duo Junior Boys, a California artist Daniel Wang and Belgrade's electro-pop band Svi na pod!


Darkwood Dub, Gun Club, 31.12.2011

Belgrade Gun Club for New Year's Eve organize a real treat for all fans of band Darkwood Dub, that during the year release the album "See You" for Exit label.The fans will be able in something more intimate, club atmosphere, join the 2012. year with the sounds of they favorite band.

Sava Centar Crystal Hall Doček nove 2012 godine , Sava Centar, 31.12.2011

Is proud to present the most attractive and best EVE 2012th The CRYSTAL HALL is the most impressive space in Belgrade and is one of the most luxurious area in Europe.



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