Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions
Depending on the country of where the event is taking place and of the method of payment, you are contracting with one of the following companies:

Eventim.sk s.r.o., Hajdukova 17, SK Bratislava, Reg.Nr.

Eventim.si d.o.o., Tivolska 25, SLO Ljubljana, Reg.Nr.

Eventim d.o.o. (HR), Kupinecka 4, HR Zagreb, Reg.Nr.

Ticket Express Hungary Kft., Andrassy Ut 18, H Budapest, Reg.Nr.

Ticket Express GmbH., Heumühlgasse 11, A Vienna, Reg.Nr. 142099w

Ö-Ticket Südost GmbH., Neunkirchner Straße, A Wr. Neustadt, Reg.Nr.

ÖTS GmbH., Brandhofweg 16, A Stainz, Reg.Nr.

Ticket Nord GmbH., Heumühlgasse 11, A Vienna, Reg.Nr.

Furtheron also called “the companies”.

”eventim” is a europeanwide registered trademark of CTS Eventim AG, Bremen, Germany.

"ÖsterreichTicket" (ÖT) is the registered trade mark of the company Ticket Express, limited company for the production and sales of electronic admission tickets, A 1040 Vienna, Heumühlgasse 11. Member of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna, section leisure companies. Trade licence for the free trade „Ticket Office“ with the number Reg.Z. 5599/f/4/5. Registered with the

Trade Court Vienna
with the FN number 142099w as well as with the tax office for the 4., 5., and 10. districts with the tax number 213/0690 and the UID ATU 405 98 509 DVR number.

All orders – whether by telephone, fax or e-mail or online bookings (Internet, W@P, SMS, etc.) are binding and can not be cancelled or changed.

When ordering by internet the sales application uses several steps – shown as „step 1“ to „step 5“ (“ÖT Shop”) respectively “step1” to “step4” (eventim shop). Step 1 – Choice of event, log in process, and choice of the number of tickets per ticket category. – Step 2 – Choice of the method of delivery or pick up. Step 3 – Choice of method of payment and entry of personal data (In the eventim-shop, step 3 is included in step 2). Step 4/3 – Recapitulation of all data, last control, agreement with the general terms and conditions, sending the order. Step 5/4 – Confirmation of the order by ÖT/eventim.

Payment is generally offered through Credit Card (Mastercard, VISA) and by prepayment to a local bank account. Credit Card payments are processed by Ticket Express GmbH., Wien through CTS Eventim AG, Bremen. All Credit Card payments are processed in EUR. There may also other methods of payment be available in different countries.

Delivery, Use
The companies can not be held liable for tickets lost in the mail. In addition it is also pointed out that the companies can not be held liable for the delivery by third parties i.e. by the post office or other delivery service providers. Claims for damages resulting from the non-delivery of tickets can not be accepted by the companies. Please be very careful with the use of mobile tickets to avoid the loss of data. If a mobile ticket is lost ( by deletion or the loss of the mobile telephone ) please contact your mobile phone provider. The loss of any other admission authorisation can not be compensated. Admission authorisations must not be misused, copied or altered.
Mobile Tickets ( admission authorisations that are on a mobile telephone or PDA ) or print@home-tickets (admission authorisations printed directly from the companie’s internet application) must not be copied or sent on. Admission is based on the first entry ( the first ticket that is accepted with its definite identification is valid. Following tickets with the same identification are automatically invalidated by the first. )

With the use of the admission authorisation the user accepts the general terms and conditions of the organiser and the rules of the house of the event location.

Event cancellation, changes, refunds
The companies are only the traders or agents of the tickets and are not responsible for the refund of admission prices, but will make all effort with the organiser to do such.

In the case of cancellation of an event the ticket(s) can be returned up to two months after the date of the planned event, as long as there is no disagreement with the terms and conditions of the organiser or event location, with the same method they were received ( either to the outlet where they were purchased, or in the case of a telephone, fax or online booking by sending the original tickets(s) by registered mail to the company in your home country (see first paraphe here or the contact section of the local eventim homepage) or to Ticket Express, Heumühlgasse 11, A 1040 Vienna, with name, account number and bank code for the refund.) The return of admission tickets to an outlet can only be done at the earliest the next following Monday after the date of the announcement of the cancellation. Owners of mobile tickets or print@home-tickets will receive, without further claim, the price paid refunded in the same way the ticket was paid. The ticket is invalidated by this process.
Minimal or justified changes to the cast or the programme is a reserved right. In the case of cancellation, postponement or changes to cast and programme expenses incurred (e.g. journey, hotel, outlet charges, or delivery charges ) will definitely not be reimbursed.

Data security
The customer accepts that the data provided by him electronically will be electronically used by ther companies for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. He also agrees to a transfer of these data within the legal provisions and restrictions of the data protection laws to companies in within the same group as well as to the event organisers concerned. The customer is made aware that this agreement can be revoked at any time.

Area of validity, place of jurisdiction, law
The same terms and conditions also apply to all the compnies as well as the licensees of ÖT- or eventim-Sales-Software within the scope of sales with the ÖsterreichTicket- or eventim System.

Place of jurisdiction for corporate and private clients are the legally competent courts in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana, in March 2008



Those terms of use regulate relationship between tickets buyers and EVENTIM.SI and represent an integral part of the contract on web-based tickets purchase for events in the system EVENTIM.SI – CAREFREE SERVICE. You have to read the terms of use accurately, because you are bound by the them since the time of confirmation of web-based order.

EVENTIM.SI witholds the right to change the terms of use, relationship between customer and EVENTIM.SI is regulated upon those terms of use, which were in power in the time of web-based ticket(s) purchase.

1. Contract comes into power upon confirmation of ticket(s) purchase.

2. In the time of ticket(s) purchase buyer acquires the right to withdraw from the contract upon the payment of respective fee. Buyer can withdraw from the contract in the case of circumstances which prevent the buyer to attend the event and did not exist in the time of confirmation of order.

Circumstances which justify the withdrawal from contract are:

a) Illness, injury, death, pregnancy

Buyer can withdraw from the contract in the case of serious illness, complications regarding pregnancy or death, if any of those circumstances appeared after the confirmation of order on the side of the buyer or any other person connected to the buyer. In the case buyer purchased tickets for a number of connected persons, the buyer can claim the right to withdraw for the contract for one event for up to six persons if the circumstances appear at one connected person.

The term connected person means:
 relatives (buyer's spouse/cohabiting partner, child, parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters of the buyer or his/her's spouse/cohabiting partner)
 guardians of a adolescent

In the case of mental illnes or mental disorder the withdrawal from contract is possible only upon the presentation of document signed by specialist doctor (psychiatrist) which testifies about the incapacity to work or with the document signed by that persons employer which testifies about absence from workplace due to incapacity to work.

In case of chronic illnes is the withdrawal from contract possible only in the case if the attendance of event is not possible due to medically confirmed unexpected worsening of the buyer's medical condition, under the condition that buyer's medical condition was stable in the time of confirmation of order.

In case of pregnancy is the withdrawal from contract possible only if the pregnancy appeared after the confirmation of order, and the event itself is scheduled in the time after the 24th week of pregnancy, or in case that pregnancy appeared after the confirmation of order and would the attendace of event compromise health of an unborn child.

b) Damage or malfunction to the vehicle before the arrival to the event

Damage or mafunction of the vehicle covers any sudden and unexpected damage or malfunction of private vehicle or a taxi on the way to the event, because of which the further driving is not possible. Ruptured tire, shortfall of fuel, locked car keys in the vehicle or an empty vehicle battery are equaled with the damage or malfunction of the vehicle and are covered. Loss or damage to car keys and wrong fuel are not damage or malfunction and are not covered. On the basis of lost or damaged car keys or wrong fuel is not possible to withdraw from the contract.

System EVENTIM.SI – CAREFREE SERVICE does not include circumstances, which were presented in the time before the confirmation of order, or the circumstances, which could be anticipated by the buyer at the time of confirmation of order

System EVENTIM.SI – CAREFREE SERVICE does not include circumstances, which may appear on the side or event organizer. Withdrawal from contract by system EVENTIM.SI – CAREFREE SERVICE is not possible in the case of event cancellation or in case if not all conditions were met by the event organizer.

3. Withdrawal from contract because of circumstances from previous paragraph is to be communicated to EVENTIM.SI in eight days after one of the circumstances appeared and no later that two hours before the beginning of the event. That should be done orally on the telephone number (01) 420-50-00 or on the email address: odpoved@eventim.si.

In the time period of 15 days you should file a written claim to EVENTIM.SI for the return of purchase price, which has to contain those credible documents:

- intact tickets,
- receipt for purchased tickets,
- documents about circumstances from previous paragraph

In the written claim buyer has to present his/her's current account for the return of purchase price, his/her's address and tax number.

EVENTIM.SI bounds itself to return the purchase price of tickets in 15 days since the positive resolution of your written claim for return of purchase price because of withdrawal from contract.

4. Credible documents from previous paragraph are:

 written document by doctor or doctor specialist when the subject matter is illness or injury, which is to be treated by doctor specialist,
 police record,
 proof of family ties when the withdrawal from contract is claimed on the basis of death of a family member,
 employer's certificate about the absence from work because of incapacity to work when the subject matter for withdrawal from contract is mental illness or mental disorder.

In case EVENTIM.SI doubts the presented credible documents, it may – on its own expenses – acquire an expert, who will research circumstances, which allow the withdrawal from contract. In case of that buyer allows the expert to gain and check buyer's information about the circumstances and for withdrawal from contract.

5. Withdrawal from contract is not possible:

 in case of illness or consequences of injury, operation or any other medical procedure, which were presented at the time of confirmation of order and were still present on the date of the event;
 in case if the consequences of operation or other medical procedure, which was scheduled for time after confirmation of order, were still present on the day of event
 in case if from credible documents is not visible, that the circumstances appeared after the date of ticket(s) purchase
 in the case if the buyer caused the circumstances with his/her's own actions, i.e. incapacity to attend event because alcohol and/or drug abuse, suicide, active participation in riots or participation in dangerous sports or other dangerous activities
 in case if the incapacity to attend the event is a consequence of armed conflict, terrorist attacks, civil riots, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters and occurences connected to nuclear, biological or chemical substances, arrest, detention, prison, deportation, ban from leaving the country or confiscation of assets

6. In case the buyer claims the withdrawal from the contract with untruthful information, he/she is criminally and damages liable.