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I want to pay by credit card – where do I find the CVV / CVC verification code on my credit card? What is CVV/CVC?
These are the verification codes of the credit card known as Card Value Verification (CVV) or Card Verification Code (CVC). Both expressions mean the same, Visa uses the term CVV and Mastercard the term CVC. The verification code is an additional security feature that is required by ÖsterreichTicket when tickets are bought over the phone or the internet. This is to ensure that the person ordering has the card in his possession.

The verification code can be found on the rear of the credit card as a small number in the signature field. The CVC / CVV code is the last group of digits (the last three digits ) in the series.
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How can I change my email address?
To change your e-mail address log-in to our homepage or if you are already logged in click „my account“. Here you can change your e-mail address at „ change e-mail address“.
Why do I have to state an additional delivery address?
You do not have to state an additional address but you may save up to 5 delivery addresses in your account. These can be different from your billing address if for example you want to send tickets as a gift or you are not at home during the day and you want them delivered to your office address or your secondary residence.

You can save up to 5 delivery addresses with names (e.g. home, work....) and then choose the appropriate address for delivery.
I forgot my Password - what can I do about it?
If you have forgotten your password simply click „log in“ on our homepage and next to the log in area there appears the prompt „forgotten password?“ You then receive an e-mail at the designated e-mail address with instructions of what to do.

For data protection reasons does not send passwords via e-mail in this case you receive a code (link) with which you can reset or change your password.
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