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Queer Zagreb Season, Eurokaz & MSU did not forget that it's been 50 years since Woodstock, the famous rock event of one generation, and that these passed decades call for creation and consumption of happy and dark dumplings of feeling and nostalgia.

Directed by Branko Brezovac with Zdenka Kovačiček as Janis Joplin and Zlatko Burić Kićo in the role of Joe Cocker, the space of the underground atmosphere of the MSU garage will illuminated by 50-meter visualization of Ivan Marušić Klif. For the music, the Greenhouse Blues Band and a number of other artists are also in charge, and a number of artists, actors, VJs and DJs, choirs and noble charlatans (incorporating Cockers, Hendrixes and, say, Baezes) will remind us in some irresponsible approach to happening (that's how the loose, casual form, the mother of self-consciousness of today's performance was called), to the executed intensities of every kind that shook the foundations of the established habits of eternity and stone horizons immediately behind the neighbors' fences.

Slightly mournful – and how otherwise, we come closer to the idea that if revolutions eat their children, then sexual revolutions fuck their children.

Ticket price: 50 kuna

Branko Brezovec studied philosophy and graduated in comparative literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb before enrolling at the Academy of Dramatic Arts where he graduated in 1986 in theatrical directing. His first performances are connected with the Coccolemocco Theater Group, which he founded and has been the artistic director of since his fifteenth year, and which was one of the most important alternative groups in the seventies and eighties in the former Yugoslavia. His innovative dramatic approach has been extended by linking various texts, cultures, contexts, languages, directing and acting styles in a single performance. He examines the still unexplored possibilities of the drama text, freely using references from various cultures (especially from the region of Central and Southeastern Europe), which he then combines with modern directing methods. Since 2002 he has been working as a professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb (Department of Theater Directing and Radiophony).