Narodni dom Maribor

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WhereUl. Kneza Koclja 92000 Maribor, Slovenia

The public institute Narodni dom Maribor was founded in September 1992. They began their work in the building of the old municipal hall Rotovž on the Glavni trg. In 1993 on 8th of February coinciding with the Slovenian cultural holiday the institute moved into the building of Narodni dom. The event had a symbolic meaning as well because in the beginning of the 20th century Narodni dom was the heart of the Slovenian cultural and national renaissance in Maribor.

In the first year of its operations 8 employees with outside coworkers manage to organize 279 events that were visited by more than 243 000 visitors. In 1999 the number of events rose to over 1000 with more than 470 000 visitors; a fact that testifies to the ambitious program activity, that has warmed up the cultural and entertainment scene in the city. In the seven years of it new operations over 2,5 million visitors have attended different events organized by Cultural and event center Narodni dom Maribor.