Center kulture Španski borci

WhereZaloška 611000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The dance ensemble En-Knap operates within the confines of the Španski Borci Theater. It is currently the only regular modern dance ensemble in Slovenia. The composition of great dancers works under the leadership of Iztok Kovač in cooperation with renowned international choreographers and producers and is developing into an excellent dance ensemble.

The Great Hall of Španski Borci is appropriate for a wide pallet of cultural and commercial activities from dance and theater performances, concerts, and press conferences of a larger format, lectures, and product promotions and other. It can hold 360 visitors and is appropriate for scenically more demanding events. It also offers a bar in front of the entrance into the Great hall.

The newly renovated Small Hall is located in the basement of Španski Borci and can hold up to 60 visitors. It is appropriate for scenically less demanding cultural events. Smaller theater plays, concerts of smaller bands, projections, lectures, performance pieces, seminars, workshops and other events. The access to the small hall is through the outer staircase (in front of the main entrance to the left), through the basement to the left.