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Incredible situations


In January 2019 the indoor trial motorbike world championship will return to Hungary. This time the first round of the multi-stage championships will be held in Budapest - followed by Barcelona, Marseille, Moscow and Costa Rica.

The fans of extreme and technical sports will be entertained by the world’s best riders on two wheels, as they compete to achieve the seemingly impossible!

A stunning and spectacular show that is not only a play but a real fight.


Further stations of the world championship:

20th of January, 2019– Budapest (Hungary)
3rd of February,2019 – Barcelona (Spain)
16th of February, 2019– Bilbao (Spain)
23rd of February, 2019– Granada (Spain)
8th of March, 2019 – Marseille (France)
6th of April, 2019– San José (Costa Rica)
27th of APRIL, 2019 – Andorra la Vella (Andorra)


First round
In the first round, nine riders are divided into three races. Each racers of each races must fight with a six-stage course so that they can spend up to one minute on each section. After all three races have been completed, the racers are ranked from 1 to 9 - regardless in which races they started. The top six riders of the first round will enter the second round.

Second round
In the second round, the 6 qualified racers are divided to two races. Competitors must once again complete the six-stage course without exceeding the one-minute session timeline. The two best performing riders will enter the finals.

In the finals, the best riders measure their skills. The racers complete thes stages again one after another. At the end of the round, the best scorer will be the X-Trial winner.

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