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SNG MARIBOR - Velika dvorana


Tomaž Pandur, the world-renowned director from Maribor, combines two themes, "War and Peace", which, in his view, observe each other in two mirrors standing opposite each other. The display of the excellent actor’s creations reveals the eternity of war and change to the audience: War is the period of battles and switches places with Peace when people start to fear the possibility of another conflict. If War creates accurate history, then Peace is the period of delusions. And if War is hell, then Peace is a purgatory and paradise is somewhere far away, external to the story of War and Peace. When War prevails, Peace observes it as a theater show and the other way round. We might be witnessing a show by one and the same type of actor with a capital letter, who plays two large parts in the same theater, consecutively and energetically, but always skillfully.

The large illustrated encyclopedia of morals and passion and the effect of the modern age, directed by Tomaž Pandur, will bring an exciting drama to Maribor with renowned actors and a fertile imagination.