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ŠentRock 2023 // Bajaga I Instruktori

There are no active performances for this event!

Event details

ŠentRock is starting the season of OPEN-AIR concerts

After last year’s amazing party for 20th birthday of ŠentRock, we will continue to rock on hard this year!

On 15th April 2023 at 8 p.m. in Šentjur THE CRAZIEST, THE MOST SHINDING and THE ROCK-EST ŠENTROCK will happen. With great bands from Slovenia and foreign countries the real rock party is guaranteed.

When? Saturday, 15 April 2023, 8 p. m.

Where? Šentjur, Slovenia


ŠentRock has a twenty-year tradition – 20 unforgettable concerts, 20 great parties, more than 75 performers and one, best audience!! Are you in it?

It became a fixture of young and older rock lovers. This year's ŠENTROCK 2022 will be such, that you will remember it for at least the next 20 years.


Minors can also visit the event, and by purchasing a ticket, parents or guardians take full responsibility. Article 21 of the Protection of Public Order and Peace Act (ZJRM-1) stipulates that between 00.00 and 05.00 persons under the age of 16 are prohibited from entering and staying unaccompanied by parents, foster parents or guardians in catering establishments and events where alcoholic beverages are poured.