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CONCERT: RUTHENIA, Retrospective of the great Russian composers

Monday, 8. September
Union Hall at 19.30

Marko Črnčec - piano and composer
Rudy Royston  - drums
Chris Jennings  - doublebass

Boštjan Lipovšek – horn
Dudu Carmel – oboe
Mateja Kremljak – flute
Janez Podlesek - violin
Dragan Radosavljavić – violin
Nemanja Marjanović - viola
Klemen Hvala – cello
Danilo Ženko – sound engineer


Marko Črnčec: Jazz Suite on great Russian composers themes – [world premiere] Commissioned by the Maribor Festival


Ruthenia is a Latin name for Russian border provinces and their inhabitants. I chose it because for me it is also a metaphor for connecting and bonding with the great Russian musical tradition. Composing the suite I tried to form an attachment to the themes and the composing techniques of the great Russian composers Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev and Scriabin. Ruthenia is my homage to them and a sort of a thank you for the music they have given us. Of course, there will also be some room for improvisation, which for me is a sort of spontaneous composing born in a spur of moment and marked by it. To be able to compose for a larger musical ensemble was my long-time wish and now it came true. We will have a string quartet, an oboe, a flute and a French horn on stage besides my trio, which means I have a large spectrum of sounds to work with. A challenge and a fantastic opportunity to be creative, for which I am truly grateful."


Marko Črnčec 


Festival Maribor 2014 , 5. – 11. September




Festival Maribor is happy to announce that the renowned Australian violinist Richard Tognetti returns to the festival! The charismatic leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, who is praised by the critics for his inspired programming and unrivalled creativity, energy and individuality has managed to bring Maribor into the spotlight of the European festival season, placing it side by side with some of the most important European musical cities.




His unique, almost revolutionary programming extends across centuries, styles and genres, creating a fertile ground for musical cross-pollinating. Paired with a


line-up that can't be found anywhere else as the acclaimed musicians from all over the world, members of exceptional Slovenian and foreign orchestras are hand-picked by the festival's organizers, forming various chamber and orchestral ensembles as well as the core of the Festival Maribor Orchestra in accord with the program, it became the Festival Maribor's formula for success.




To prove the above, we can proudly announce that the renowned web portal CultureTrip ranked Festival Maribor among the ten best European festivals this year.




Being aware that we have to live up to such high standards, we happily present this year's rendition of the festival. It's main theme (with variations, of course) can best be described using the title of one of this year's concert highlights: ”Stolen?”




Is music property? Under what circumstances can music be considered as stolen? How many melodies, which we recognize as a masterpiece by a certain composer, have actually been borrowed, appropriated, even stolen? Our search for answers took us onto a badly marked and winding path of authorship in music. Opening new ways to look at the tensions between copyright law, musical meaning and artistic freedom it became one of the artistic challenges of this year's festival.




We are sure we won't be able to find all the right answers. But we are sure we will offer unforgettable concert experiences, with our musical kaleidoscope forming magical images out of fragments from borrowings in classical music, the postmodern music collages and all the way to DJs remixes.




Welcome in the creative chaos of the Festival Maribor 2014!