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26th-28th MAY 2017 SPEEDWAY STADIUM, Petisovci, Lendava


In the upcoming summer explosion of holidays and weekends, devoted to music and mega-concerts, one of the first and largest festivals is the Petroleum BEAT Motorock Festival Lendava, which will take place on the last weekend of May in Lendava.

Petroleum Beat ustvarjalno društvo Lendava is organising this event and its main purpose is to revive the musical spirit of the Motorock Festival in Lendava, with the help of volunteers, both local and from further afield.

The event will take place from 26th -28th May, 2017, at the speedway stadium in Petisovci, Lendava.

At the event there will be a number of additional activities, such as workshops that will fulfil the motto of this year's festival.

The festival will have an excellent music programme and, this year, it will have a  broad spectrum of music from various genres, as well as various musical traditions.

Friday´s line-up is a bit more punk-metal:


The Exploited (UK), a band that does not need introduction,  it is easy: The Exploited = Punk. These legends from Scotland have been fighting the system since 1980 and embody the spirit of rebellion in the dissatisfaction of many generations. This time in Lendava. With a middle-fingered salute, you simply mustn´t miss the opportunity to sing the punk anthems of this legendary band! They have released 9 studio albums.


The legendary band, Pankrti (SLO), with frontman Pero Lovšin. Legends and beginners of Slovenian punk that have been making music since way back in 1977. They were also called "the first punk group behind the Iron Curtain." Their greatest hit ‘Bandiera rossa s’ is sung by many generations.


Pokolgép (HU), the legends of Hungarian Heavy Metal from Budapest. Operating since 1982, they are considered the first Heavy Metal band in Hungary. Pokolgép or Infernal Machine have released 18 albums.


KBO! (SRB), a Serbian punk rock band from Kragujevac, is one of the first hard-core punk bands of the ex-Yugoslavian punk scene that performed in Hungary, Austria, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands and has shared the stage with After Gorilla Biscuit and Babes in Toyland. They have released a few studio and live albums and are included in many international punk compilations.


Odpisani (SLO).  One of the first hard-core punk bands in Slovenia, founded in 1995. They garnered more serious attention at the "New Rock '96" festival, and a year later at the "Best of New Rock 91-96”  They have released one EP and 3 studio albums, and participated in several international compilations. They shared the stage as the opening act for Faith No More, GBH and The Lurkers. They have played numerous concerts in Slovenia, and have gained experience and mileage performing abroad (Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Hellfreaks (HU), a punk rock band from Budapest with psycho-billy roots, founded in 2009. They have played more than 200 concerts from Finland to Spain and performed at notable festivals around the world, including the Ink'n Iron Festival in California as part of their US tour. They have released 3 studio albums for a German label.


Cadaveres (HU) are the leading band of underground-metal in Hungary. They started out in 2005 and toured Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, and Slovenia. They were the opening acts for bands such as Soulfly, Alice in Chains and Biohazard. They have taken the stage at the Sziget Festival, Wanted, Topvar, FeZen, Rock Marathon, and released 2 EPs and 6 studio albums.


Sarcasm (SLO), an/the old-school thrash metal band with a special Balkan thrash sound, formed in 1987. Among their most notable appearances is the MetalDays festival at Exit. In spite of changes in the line-up, they have carried on and play concerts in Slovenia and Serbia. Released 6 studio albums 1 EP.

Ramones Cover Band (CRO) – Just as the names suggests, we can expect a good dose of punk-rock.


Saturday's line-up is more alt-rock:


Laibach (SLO) - a band that needs no introduction. One of the most recognisable Slovenian music groups is well-known internationally. The group, which was founded in 1980, has released seven studio albums, most of them for Mute Records, 5 cover albums, 3 soundtrack albums, 5 compilation albums and 8 live albums. They have held concerts worldwide, including in North Korea.


Let 3 (CRO) – this modern rock band from Rijeka was founded in 1987. Popular in all republics of Ex-Yugoslavia, where they often perform concerts. Well known for very interesting and shocking live performances, as well as sometimes provocative and vulgar lyrics. They have released 10 studio albums.


Rudan Joe's Coda (HU), a hard-rock band which has been performing since 1987. Their repertoire consists mainly of playing the greatest hits of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Whitesnake. Their own songs are of the same genre. In his solo career, Joe Rudan released two studio albums, and was also the singer for Pokolgép and P. Mobil. They are regular guest performers at various major festivals in Hungary (Sziget, Rock Marathon, …)


AC/DC Cover Band (HU). The name itself tells us that we will enjoy the classic hard rock sounds, which are indispensable for this type of festival.


Cowboys From Hell (SLO) are recognised and respected among metal fans as a great cover metal band, inspired by the legendary giants such as Motorhead, Pantera, Metallica, Machine Head and many others. Founded in 2014, they perform mainly in Slovenia and Croatia.


Arkhe (HU). This alternative rock band was founded by former members of Sear Bliss (Black Metal) on their 20th anniversary. Last year, they released their debut album, which has received very good reviews.


Dežurni krivci (SLO), a grunt rock band from Prlekija. The band has been active since 1996 and performed at the New Rock festival in 2000. They have toured across the Ex-Yugoslavian republics and released 4 studio albums and EP, Izštekani v živo.


Eyecontact (SLO) - stoner quartet from Lendava, active since 2011. They have recorded one studio album. They have performed in various cities in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

DJ Anima Sound System (HU), an electro band, which was founded in 1993 and combines rock folk music with electronics. They have performed with various bands (Red Snapper, Goldi, Nightmare Wax), and released 12 studio albums. They have toured all across Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Austria).

Black Hole Riders (SLO) have been on the scene for a long time, gathering mileage in different bands from Pomurje and a number of performances in Slovenia and Hungary. They often play at bikers’ meetings that take place in the area.

Eklips (SLO) released their debut album last year and performed as the opening act for Siddharta.



Apart from the festival’s excellent line-up, there will be a wide range of additional free activities: workshops, sports activities, massage and tattoo studios ... On Saturday, visitors can take part in scenic bike rides, or excursions in the surrounding area (the lookout tower ‘Vinarium’, Lendava, Ocean Orchids in Dobrovnik, ...), so no visitor will get bored.

Free camping will also be available (100,000 m2) and facilities will be available for 5,000 visitors, including showers and toilets.

Petroleum Beat Motorock Festival Lendava  will, in its first year, aspire to show in what way it intends to develop, indicating that next year we can expect an even bigger open air event in Lendava and its surrounding area.


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