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One Republic  - November 16th at the venue Dvorana Stožice


On November 16th  Dvorana Stožice will host One Republic. Seven years ago they achieved  fame with their hit 'Apologize'and became one of the most popular artist in the world. With their recent album that contains hits 'If I Lose Myself'  and mega hit 'Counting Stars' their fame reached sky high.

The band  was at the beginning of the 2104 thrilled to see all the Slovenians, who visited heir show in Graz. The singer Ryan said hello to them and mentioned, that they really have to visit Slovenia.


American rockers from Colorado started their career in 2003, when they reached their first commercial success on myspace. In 2007 they released their first album 'Dreaming Out Loud', where we can find their hit 'Apologize' (Remix was made by Timberland). The hit rocket sky high in sixteen countries and gained nomination for Grammy.

After their second hit  'Stop and Stare' their first album reached platinum sales. In 2009 they released their second album 'Waking Up'  and with hits 'All the Right Moves', 'Secrets', 'Marchin On' in 'Good Life' they again reached first charts .

The current album  'Native' with songs 'If I Lose Myself' and megahit 'Counting Stars' is their first album with the highest rate on the Billboard Hot 200’s All-Time Top Songs list.

One Republic will visit Ljubljana on their world tour that started in October 2013 in Ireland.