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After more than five years, countless inescapable hits and resounding collaborations, one of the driving forces of the modern Slovenian hip-hop scene, veteran rapper Nipke, will finally release his second solo album. He'll debut the new songs in Šiška with his band The Nipples and interesting musical guests.

FOR FANS OF: Dravle Records, Matter, Trkaj …

Boštjan Nipič – Nipke released his first album Nipke in 2015 and with catchy songs such as "Všeč tko k je", he quickly became a fixture on Slovenian radio waves. He continued with a series of solo hits – "Noben me ne razume", "Bejba z neta", "Popoln lajf", "Ina" and others –, which were produced by his long-time friend Damjan Jović and helped Slovenian hip hop reach the general public. Their work as part of the creative collective and record label Dravle Records also contributed to this. In 2020, the label released the album Buden, on which Nipke and Jović were joined by guests such as Bojan Cvijetićanin (Joker Out), zalagasper, Ezra, Matter and Trkaj, with producer Hyu also leaving his mark. Immediately after release, the album became the most listened album on Apple Music in Slovenia and laid the groundwork for Nipke's new solo album.

Nipke and his band The Nipples will debut the album titled Retro, announced last year with the hit "Kdaj bo hit", in Šiška, where he had also played a live stream during the pandemic. They'll be joined by intriguing musical guests, with the whole event retro-tinged for fans of nostalgia.

Organisation: Kino Šiška