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new album release


 + Sahareya + Tsujigiri + .travnik + PTČ + Nomark

11. 2., Katedrala, 20:00

Our old pals Matter are unleashing fifteen new high-calibre bangers on the album called Haos! We'll round off the celebrations with a series of short showcase performances by acts from the exciting new wave of Slovenian hip-hop.

FOR FANS OF: Dacho, Tunja, Levanael …

New albums by Matter are more than just compilations of new material or the final product of the latest creative period of the trio that has redefined Slovenian urban music over the past five years. They're an Event. They're the peak of one trend and the birth of another. They're the point dividing the local scene into before and after, as well as for and against. And they're an intergenerational music celebration at Kino Šiška. Amphibios (2016), Mrk (2017), Troglav (2018) and the collaborative Testament Ljubezni (Better, 2020) will be followed this year by the band's fourth album Haos. With its ambiguity, the album, titled after a common expression in the Matter vernacular, dives into the unrest of the everyman, who is, on one hand, inclined towards a chaotic way of living (chaos), and on the other hand strives for the security found in a structured, domestic comfort zone (house). Unlike the band's previous releases, the fifteen new songs don't hold back on the intensity, aggression and noise, and will be released in November via the newly launched КАФАНА, an imprint of the rx:tx label. The record features guest vocals by Tsujigiri and Tschimy, as well as guest production by Lou Cyan and Nikson.

We'll warm up with SahareyaTsujigiri, .travnik, PTČ and Nomark – some of the most prominent names of the exciting new wave of Slovenian hip-hop that may have grown out of Matter's wake, but is taking their influences in promising new directions. Visuals will be provided by VJ Kasko Karambol, and together, we'll let chaos rule the night!

Organisation: Kino Šiška.