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The Land of Ice - a spectacular exhibition of ice sculptures during Festive December in Ljubljana!

A dozen outstanding international ice artists spent almost a month carving 60 tons of ice. These ice blocks became extraordinary ice sculptures. Most are made of frozen water, some shades are made by adding and freezing milk. Some sculptures measure up to 3 meters in height and are connected into an ice story.

This year's ice story is based on the history of Ljubljana. In the Land of Ice you will find pile-dwellers, Romans, works of the famous architect Plečnik carved in ice and also a dragon - this year in a steampunk version. You will be able to sit in an antique car made of ice or take a picture on a real Roman chariot - made of ice, of course :) You'll find also an ice bar, to keep you warm with hot chocolate, mulled wine or tea. For our youngest and the young at heart - there will be a 5m long ice slide!

The Land of Ice will add real magic to the festive atmosphere in Ljubljana. For all generations, art lovers, families, seniors and all lovers of the beautiful, everyone will enjoy it. Since the Land of Ice is in a covered facility, you can visit it anytime. It spreads over 200m2 and the room has a constant temperature of -4 degrees Celsius.