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On 3rd of February, we present you big concert in Koper, Arena Bonifika, to honor Danilo Kocjančič, one of Slovenian the greatest musician. Author of everlasting hits as »Poišči me«, »Tina ne verjame«, »Anita ni nikoli«, »Pogum«, »Senca«, »Dober dan«, »Črta«, »Si še jezna name«, »Portorož 1905«, »Veter z juga«,

»Amerika«. Special event brought together not only his latest band »Danilo Kocjančič & Friends« (Ladi Mljač, Jadran Ogrin, Matjaž Sterže, Zdenko Cotič and Mitja Stropnik), although other great musicians that were influenced by his musical work. To exposure some of them Drago Mislej Mef, Slavko Ivančič, Tulio Furlanič, Marino Legovič, Janez Benčina Benč, Tinkara Kovač, Rudi Bučar, Matjaž Jelen, Tomaž Domicelj, Domen Gracet, Aleksander Vinšek, and remarkable worldwide known DJ Valentino Kanzyani, which will present us special interpretation as a synthesis of music genres.


Posthumously will be releasing the album to enrich and conclude his lifetime work. Hits like »Nisi prva, nisi zadnja« and »Daj, daj, daj« recorded with Danilo Kocjančič & Friends, and »Moja Jana ne pada«, »Moje Laži« and »Elektrošok«, and also some unfinished handwritten songs. Latter songs are finishing and remixing by Valentino Kanzyani.


More about Danilo Kocjančič:


His beginnings in the 1960s with Kameleoni had an enormous impact on pop culture in Ex Yugoslavia. They were one of the most popular and important bands in Southeastern and Central Europe. Bands like Boomerang, Labirint, Prizma, and Bazar led to his musical path after on, in the early 1990s, he was creating also with band Halo. Later on, in the 1990s, he wrote a lot of songs, that topped Slovenian charts, sang by influential singers as Tinkara Kovač, Lara Baruca, Polona Furlan, Slavko Ivančič. In 2009, Danilo decided to come back on stage with friends and rock on till the very last breathe. Band Danilo Kocjančič & Friends was performing and composing till his illness and death on 3rd of February 2013. Last performance was on 17th of November 2012 in Pivka, on the 20th Anniversary of Ana Pupedan.