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Experience a 2-day seminar with Neale Donald Walsch, feel the warmth, the genuine clarity and wisdom of this great soul.

We invite you to a unique event which will profoundly inspire your life experience.

Neale Donald Walsch, the author who changed the lives of millions of people around the world with the series of volumes "Conversations with God", comes to Bucharest to share his wisdom on answering one of the oldest questions – who am I?

Neale will extract, from his extraordinary conversations with God, 10 tools that will help you accelerate your spiritual evolution and rediscover your divine essence.

We will enjoy 2 days of revealing conversations about how to find inner peace in remarkably unpeaceful times.

During the event, Neale Donald Walsch will share his knowledge, answering the questions:

Who you are and what you are

Why you are here and how to become the source of what you would like to experience in your life

Why it is important to be open to new

Why your life has nothing to do with you, in the same time it is all about you

How to change your perception of a past experience, learning to live in the present creative moment

How to consciously experience gratitude and appreciation

What is the profound spiritual meaning of forgiveness

What are the 3 magic questions you have to ask yourself every day

How to seek your own answers, to have your own conversations with God

Are there more souls, or is there One Soul expressing Itself through infinite forms?