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Koreografija i izvedba: Anđela Bugarija, Sven Bahat, Hrvatska

Id is an instinct, an impulse that moves, generates movement. A conflict within, between id and superego, instinct, rules and morals. The conflict and harmony within reflects on the movements and relationships between performers.

Repeat After Me

Koreografija, izvedba i koncept: Maciej Kuźmiński

Produkcija: Centre For Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Budrąg Foundation, Poljska

One of the earliest works of this young prominent contemporary performer questioning the nature of space that an individual shares with the system, the acceptance and disobiedience of authority.

Forward To The Past

Koreografi: Laja Field, Martin Durov, SAD

Izvedba: Students of Anton Bruckner Private University - Institute of Dance Arts (IDA), Linz, Austria

Plešu: Ivona Grubišić, Nikola Majtanova, Marcin Denkiewicz, Patryk Jarczok, Roland Dando, Rada Kovacevic, Yoh Morishita, Florian Heiml

The project was created specially for  graduate dance students ,  penetrates deep into the human past and draws comparisons with today's virtual reality that gradually takes over humanity.