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Event details

ForestFest is an open-air festival in a unique location, with the most beautiful view of Belgrade, inspired by nature and in harmony with it.Program festival is varied, from educational and creative workshops, children's programs, theater and film, the attractive and rich musical content.Staying at the Festival creates an opportunity to, in addition to listening to their favorite band, visitors see, hear and learn something new, especially about his personal contribution and profit in the preservation of the items in the work space of ForestFest to gather and help young authors from different fields of art, as and all other young people dealing with different cultural or charity work.

ForestFest held on probably the best place for such an event, the Ski Club Aleksandar.ForestFest program would not be this much special without the most beautiful view of the stage ForestFesta Belgrade.The famous view from the ski slopes can not be good enough to evoke even still, it simply must be experienced.


ForestFest music program has a role to persuade more people to come into the woods, enjoy nature and experience the pleasure of outdoor fun.

26th August

Natali Dizdar (CRO) ... sensual, creamy voice, fantastic interpretation of the so-called. lounge pop sound, labeled "listening in all situations."

Letu Stuke (BIH) ... clever lyrics, distinctive sound "closer to Paris than the background pop tradition of the Sarajevo School" and a unique vocal performance Dina carp "suggestive, warm, and so immediate that it looks like indolent"

BEI THE FISH (MK) ... attractions outside the borders of the Balkans, creating a fusion of pop, electronic and alternative music expression that is blended with drinking, indie dance background.

27th August

The Dibidus BAND (ex FAMILY) (SRB) ... hopper sound blends rock, pop, ska and reggae continues to entertain in the same way as the satirical band from which it originated.

FOLTIN (MK) ... a mix of different genres: jazz, funk, bossa nova, ambient and electro. Passionate and witty, dynamic music full of surprises.

KAL (SRB) ... one of the most popular world music bands from the Balkan. Roma music with rock & roll attitude, With the successful combination of modern rhythms.


28th August


afternoon performances for children
Evening performances (theater play with the regular theatrical repertoire Belgrade)

MVP (SRB) ... led by multi-talented Bane Lalic (singer, composer, lyricist and director) for a short time he won a huge audience singles "All night and all day" and''I love you I love you. "Band composed of top musicians and people who share the same attitudes towards life and philosophy, he released a new album called''The better I know, but I better not be me''that radiates positivity and describe their faith in the goodness and love.

The daily festival program includes:

Following the musical program - original bands promoted on the FF2009 and FF2010


selection of the best student and documentary films
educational films with the theme of ecology and sustainable development


raising environmental awareness through the convergence of basic ecological concepts common man (act locally, think globally!)
the importance of recycling
renewable energy sources and possibilities of their use in everyday life


artist colony
photo workshops
found art
"Panorama of Belgrade"