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ELVIS - The King of rock'n'roll - collaborated with some of the best musicians and artists, who have been spoiling us with hits up to the present day.

»Elvis' original musicians«, who accompanied Elvis on his successful music path in the 70s and Slovenian »Sam's Fever« have prepared a great musical spectacle, which is going to shake the walls of Festivalna dvorana in Ljubljana.

Elvis Presley's 85th birthday will be celebrated in the company of his cousin Donna Presley.

28th January 2020, at 8.00 pm - Talk Show and Meet&Greet with »Elvis’ original musicians« and a special guest, Elvis’ cousin, Donna Presley. Sam's Fever concert with guests follows the event.

29th January 2020, at 8.00 pm -THE BIG SHOW – ELVIS FEVER – THE ORIGINAL MUSICIANS.

28th - 30th January 2020 - ELVIS EXHIBITION – Exhibition of Elvis’ personal belongings.



A pianist and an arranger, who arranged numerous songs for Elvis and played in approximately 1000 concerts with him in the 70s.

In his 60-year career, he collaborated with big American names in music like Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Frank Sinatra, Roger Miller and many more.


Terry Blackwood joined the group »The Imperials« as a teenager. The group worked with Elvis between 1966 and 1971. They were bound by the love for gospel music and as the result they recorded the Grammy awarded album »How Great Thou Art«.

All together, »The Imperials« have won four Grammys and have been inducted into the "Gospel Music Hall Of Fame".


Ginger and Mary Holladay, best known for their vocals in songs »In The Ghetto«, »Suspicious Minds«, "Don`t Cry Daddy" and "Kentucky Rain“, got into music history with these songs, which they recorded with Elvis in 1969 in the legendary American Sound Studio.

 Sisters Holladay recorded more than 90 songs with Elvis in Studio B of the »RCA« company in Nashville and with Memphis company »STAX Records«. The albums »From Elvis In Memphis«, »Today« and »Promised Land« are partially the result of common collaboration.

Later on, the sisters also recorded with stars like Cher, Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers and many others.


One of the best drummers from Nashville joined the original Elvis’ musicians for this European tour. Paul Leim performs with stars like Lionel Richi, Shania Twain and Tom Jones among others. He was also engaged as drummer for the music in the episodes of »Star Wars« series.


Austrian singer and entertainer who has been performing with Elvis’ musicians across Europe since 2003 and who has played with them in more than 300 concerts. Besides Elvis’ musicians, he has also made friends with numerous Elvis’ collaborators and friends like Joe Esposito, Sam Thompson or Jerry Schilling, as well as Elvis’ wife Priscilla.


This Slovenian group was founded in 2012 by Samuel »Sam« Hudl. Since then, the group, which does not imitate the King, has become internationally recognized and received the award for the »best Elvis Presley cover band«.

Sam and his musicians have been closely collaborating with Elvis’ musicians for a series of years.

Even the guitar icon James Burton took some time to record with the group »Sam’s Fever« in studio. It is a privilege that only a few musicians get!


As a special guest, Elvis’ cousin Donna Presley will pay us a visit in Ljubljana. Besides his daughter Lisa Marie, she is his closest relative and she grew up on Elvis’ estate »Graceland«. Donna is going to tell stories and anecdotes about her life with her cousin Elvis, which have not been heard before in this way. It is not possible to get any closer to the King of rock’n’roll.


"From Memphis to Ljubljana" is the name of the exclusive exhibition of Elvis’ belongings, which has not been seen in Slovenia yet. The exhibition includes his clothing, jewelry, rings and watches, personal notes, letters, costumes and much more from the collection of Elvis Presley’s personal belongings. It also includes his childhood belongings.

Each of the items tells a story about Elvis’ life - it is a must to visit for every music lover and Elvis’ fan.