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With its unique take on electronic music, jazz and rock, the quartet Chui, who wowed us at MENT Ljubljana, Ljubljana Jazz Festival and the Level Up concert series, is regarded as one of the best bands in Croatia. Their third album was voted Croatian Album of the Year in 2015, and its 2017 follow-up, on which they collaborated with the Croatian Radio-Television Jazz Orchestra and Josipa Lisac, received two prestigious Croatian Porin Musc Awards. In Šiška, they’ll also present fresh material off of their upcoming new album. They’ll be joined by their compatriots, art rockers Porto Morto, with their new album.

Chui is a young Croatian quartet that isn’t afraid even of the Terminator. Their enticing blend of dancefloor rhythms, jazz vocabulary, turbo-charged fusion and an uncompromising commitment to groove have firmly entrenched them on the European music scene. The album Third Sun From The Stone is the first jazz album to be named Croatian Album of the Year, their collaboration with Josipa Lisac on the follow-up Chui ovu glazbu was declared Song fo the Year by numerous media, and they recently released a new single, “Pogledaj”, announcing their new album. The song features one of the best Croatian male vocalists Boris Štok and has a kick-ass video to boot. You’ll be able to hear more from their upcoming album in Šiška!

At this year’s MENT Ljubljana festival, the Zagreb-based “mini big band of various influences” Porto Mortotreated us to a hefty dose of well-crafted art rock that eludes genre definitions, birdhouses on heads and all. The band has packed venues in its homeland even before then, as well as performed at festivals such as INmusic, SuperUho, Tam Tam, Tabor Film Festival and Velvet. Their 2016 self-titled debut, regarded by critics and listeners as one of the best Croatian releases in recent years, will be joined by its successor Portofon, also featuring a guest appearance by Darko Rundek, towards the end of April.



Kino Šiška

Trg prekomorskih brigad 3

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