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The unconventional Austrian pop group 5K HD, "one of the more astounding acts of the festival" (Radio Študent), are returning to Ljubljana after their MENT Ljubljana 2018 show, led by familiar face Mira Lu Kovacs to present their heavily anticipated follow-up to their debut album And To In A, titled High Performer.

Just a few weeks after she'll again visit us as part of the MENT Ljubljana festival with her new supergroup My Ugly Clementine, musician Mira Lu Kovacs, she of the fragile voice and steely core, will again be in these parts, this time with her original supergroup 5K HD. In the band, the singer of the acclaimed group Schmieds Puls, also one of MENT's alumni, joined forces with jazzers Kompost 3, with their resulting joint debut And To In A rocketing 5K HD straight to the forefront of the Austrian music scene.

The band stands firmly in catchy, intimate pop with one foot and in virtuosic experimentation with the other, and has taken a similar free-minded approach to its second album High Performer, following a lengthy period of touring. The album was released by Ink Music in September, and we'll treat ourselves to it live in Šiška in February.

Organisation: Kino Šiška.

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