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21. SAJETA - Art & Music Festival 2020

There are no active performances for this event!

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In the year in which we have all been marked by the worldwide pandemic and all the unknowns, Sajeta is returning to Sotočje in Tolmin despite everything!

Sajeta is an international festival which brings different practices and experiences together, with music being the main theme. Sajeta's programme consists of findings from

lesser known musical worlds that transcend genre limitations and collaborations between home and foreign production from the musical periphery. Sajeta brings electronic music, jazz, rock, ethno, classical and experimental music to the same stage, experimentation and creativity being the common denominator. Even though music comes first, Sajeta brings together a wide spectrum of other creative practices: film, multimedia, poetry, sculpture, performances, dance, graphic design and others. By deviating from the classical festival form, Sajeta has become a boutique festival that every year tries to satisfy the curious crowd with a multi-genre programme and tries to create a haven for creativity and diversity in a specific natural environment.


More on the programme coming soon to:


Because we care about your health, the number of available tickets has been limited due to the coronavirus. During the festival we will observe all the regulations and instructions concerning the health of our visitors!