Justin Bieber, 9.11.2016, Zagreb

General informations!

on 07 Nov

Entrance: 18:00

Supporting acts: MiC LOWRY, The Knocks

Line-up: no info

VIP packages: customers will get all information on Tuesday from the management


Only small bags, knap saks or purses will be allowed (maximum dimensions 24cm x 32cm), however will be subject to physical check

It is forbidden to carry the following items to the venue:


- No professional cameras, video or audio recording equipment

- selfie sticks

- food

- drinks

- any hard items

- large bags or luggage not permitted

- No flammable items, fireworks or other similar

- no illegal or illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphenalia

- No markers, pens or spray paint

- No glow sticks, baloons, balls, inflatable balls, frisbees or flying objects

- No laser pens or pointers

- No umbrellas, noise makers, air horns or musical instruments


We advise the customers to not exit the Arena since re-entry will not be allowed.


There will be two Eventim Help desks between the entrances C and D/A and B.

There will be no Eventim BoxOffice.