Shopping process

When you decide to purchase tickets on the website, find the wanted event and click on it. You can also select tickets by clicking on the magnifier, i.e. the search icon.

Click on the “Tickets” button next to the desired event.

Different price categories will be displayed in the following step. There are two different options to choose from when selecting tickets – best seat selection and seatmap selection.

Best seat selection
You can select a ticket by best seat selection, which means that you can specify the number of tickets within a particular price category yourself. You can do this by selecting the number of tickets in the chosen price category. For continuing to the next step, click on the button with cart icon and the price.


Seatmap selection
When seated tickets are on sale, we recommend you purchase them from the seating plan, otherwise they will be selected automatically. By clicking on “Seatmap selection”, you can select the desired seats yourself.

The purchase cannot be changed once the service has been paid for.
When you select the seating plan, a diagram of the venue will appear with the stage and respective categories marked separately. Grey fields on the diagram represent seats that are already sold out and taken. You can choose between coloured fields, i.e. seats. Each colour represents a respective price category.
You can zoom in or out of the diagram using your mouse wheel.

Select a seat by clicking on a coloured dot (each dot represents a seat). Your selected seats are marked on the diagram with a black frame.
To view your shopping cart, click on “Selected seats”. You will see displayed number of tickets, as well as details on the selected seat (entrance, section, seat type and number). The price is also displayed.
If you’re not happy with the selected seats, you have to remove them from your shopping cart. You can do this by clicking on the “x” symbol in the cart and deleting the seats.
When you’re happy with your selection, you can click on the button with cart icon and price.

In the next step, you begin the purchasing process by first selecting the delivery method. You can see a summary of your order above the purchasing process - showing the number of selected tickets and the total amount for payment. A countdown clock is displayed above it, which shows the remaining time available for completing the purchase.
You can find more about delivery methods here . Available options are subject to the organiser’s decision and the date of the event.

When you’ve selected the delivery method, you can select the payment method. Payment methods depend on the selected delivery method, on whether the event is taking place in Slovenia or abroad and on the date of the event.
For more details about payment options click here .
If you have a gift voucher or you wish to use your event.card credit, you can use it by entering your code (the voucher code or event.card card number) into the field “Do you have a voucher?”. In this case, you can only continue with your payment using instant payment methods (credit card, Moneta, PayPal).

In this step, you can still change your delivery and payment method if you wish. Just click on the 1. Delivery or 2. Payment and select another option

In the following step, please provide the required details for the collection of tickets.
Your provided email, ticket delivery address and order summary will be displayed in the following step. You can still change your email address and delivery address. This is where you can also enter details for issuing an original invoice for business.
If all data is correct, mark below that you agree with the general terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy. To finish, click “Continue”.
The system will once again display your order summary and you can also still change your delivery and payment method. In the final step, you can select the “ Carefree” service and read through the general terms and conditions of service.

Your purchase is complete. At the end of the shopping proccess you will get your order number and further information. Details about purchase will also appear in your user account, if you have one.

You can log in to your account by clicking the icon for fser account (upper right corner). When you click on the icon, a dropdown sign in window will appear. Select “login”.

Sign in for the first time
You will need either a valid e-mail address or a Facebook profile to register on our website. First click login, then select »New customer«. Insert your email address. For continuing you need to agree with ours terms and conditions. You user account will be created and you will recevied further information on the email address.
Sign in (already have account)
First click login, then select returning customer option. Use your email and password to login.
Sign in with Facebook
First click login. For signing in with Facebook you must click on button “Sign in with Facebook”. You will be redirected to faceboook page where you need to confirm the connection between Eventim and Facebook.

After you signed in into the website, you can access your user account by clicking the icon for user account (top right corner).