Delivery/ Pick up

You can choose between different modes of delivery. Shipping method depends on order date and venue. According to these criteria, you can choose from:


1.Recommended post SI



1.Pick up



1.Recommended post SI
(3-4 days) Price: 3,50€

Your ticket/s will be sent by courier after successful payment.

Zone 1: 25,00 €
Zone 2 and 3: 30,00 €
Zone 4: 35,00 €
Zone 5 and 6: 45,00 €
Zone 7: 50,00 €
Zone 8: 55,00 €



1.Pick up
(an hour before the event) Price: 1,50€. It is also possible to make a pick up at the Eventim Si points of sale( they are listed here) and Big Bang points of sale up to 3 days prior to the event. The customer must bring the e-mail with the pick up code.

2. Print@home

Time is money!

Want to visit an event but your tickets would take too long to arrive by conventional mail? There is no reason to stay at home. Simply print your tickets right before your chosen event - use your printer and avoid shipping costs! Print@Home allows you to search for, order, pay for and print original tickets with the use of internet and your home printer.

How does the Print@Home work?

Print@Home tickets are available on the Internet platform, you just need to select Print@Home as your delivery method.

You have selected your ticket and your delivery method Print@Home. For payment of Print@Home tickets you can use any online payment methods i.e. VISA, Mastercard credit cards, as well as the VALÚ payment.
After successful completion of the payment, you can always access and pritn your tickets at any time under »Your account«, »Your recent orders«. You will find PDF tickets there.

Click »Details« on the order that you want to view.

Under Options pick »Print« and then you will find your PDF tickets.

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: ticket will be electronically registered on entry and is valid only once! It is therefore important that you have your Print@Home ticket with you and do not share your electronic link with another person. In the case of copies or multiple prints only the person who uses the ticket first will gain the access to the venue.

Requirements for Print@Home tickets
- It is required that you have "Acrobat Reader" version 5.0 or higher installed. If the reader version is not up to date the barcodes will not print correctly!
- Printing should be done on a white A4 paper. (only one ticket per paper sheet, because the barcode needs to be in the correct ratio!!!)
- The printing quality must not be set to'' draft'' ("draft").
- Tickets printed by inkjet printers are sensitive to moisture (smudging bar codes), so ticket must be protected from moisture.
- Printing can be done in color or black and white.

How safe is a Print@Home ticket?

As safe as a normal ticket. Each Print@Home ticket is read by the control system when entering a venue. With this ticket a single person can enter a venue only once. It is therefore important, for the ticket to be kept safe, inaccessible to others. The same applies to your online connection. In the case of copies or multiple prints, only the first person to go through the entry control will be able to enter. In the case of copies or multiple prints the customer can be held responsible by the organizer.

What should I do if the ticket is stolen, lost, or could not be printed?

If the ticket is not generated (this can happen in the event of a short circuit in the connection with the server), please contact us on: Have your reference number and email address ready and we will send you your ticket via email.

What does the entry check look like?

At each event there is at least one entry control point for each of the entrances to which print@home tickets were sold for. Tickets are checked by handheld readers or the entry control system, installed at the site. The organizers and venues receive hardware and software to control the entry from Eventim. Print@Home tickets are available only at Eventim for the events where the electronic entry control has been installed.

When does the electronic entry control not accept a Print@Home ticket?

-A ticket that was not paid for or canceled after it has been issued will be recognized by the system as invalid and denied access. The organizer reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against offenders that access the venue without proper authorization or abuse the tickets in any way.
- Bar code has already been identified and the access denied by the electronic entry control, because someone already entered with a copy of the print@home ticket.
- Bar code cannot be read.

How long before the event are Print@Home tickets available?

- The great advantage of the Print@Home technology is that the ticket can be purchased until the very last minute (as long as the sale of tickets is authorized by the organizer and the tickets are still available). Important: The first come first serve principle applies to the Print @ Home ticket. (This principle applies when no sitting order is in place)

How much does a Print@Home ticket cost?

Ticket itself costs as much as a normal ticket. There are no shipping costs.

What are the advantages Print@Home ticket?

- 24h/day booking option
- It is no longer required to call a call center or visit the sales office to make your purchase.
- The possibility of booking a ticket until the last minute before an event.
- If you order Print@Home ticket for your friends, their Print@Home tickets can be simply sent to them via e-mail. Each person can then print the ticket himself (does not apply to events that require ticket personalization – this information will be provided for such events before the purchase)
- Save shipping costs.

What error messages may appear when ordering?

- Delivery Method "Print@Home" is not showing up: tickets cannot (currently) be printed for this event. Please select a different shipping method.
- The reservation was not carried out: Your payment could not be made. If possible, please use another payment method. This error can occur if your payment partner does not accept your payment (credit card company, mobile provider, bank) or when payment channels of your payment partners or connections to them are not available (such downtime usually lasts for a few minutes up to a few hours). Please select a different payment method or try again later.
- Ticket can’t be printed: Acrobat Reader is not installed, maybe it's an older version than 5.0, or you do not have access to the program. Download the new version here or contact your system administrator.
- E-mail confirmation cannot be sent: You have entered an incorrect e-mail address.