Cookie policy

What is cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to your computer when you visit a website.
Only site that has installed a cookie can read it. Cookie does not collect information.

Why do we use them at Eventim.SI?
Cookies are used by us for the purpose of enriching experiences.
They are used to facilitate the execution of the purchase, displaying past purchases, and with them we also help in analyzing the applicability of looks, texts and individual components.
All information is collected anonymously and we can not connect you personally with this information.

Cookies from third parties
With the aim of enriching the content on some pages we use content and components of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo.
If you share the content of our site via such network or use their services, you can impose on this site cookies which can not be managed. Conditions of use of these cookies can be found on the pages of these social networks or you accepted them when you become their member.

List of cookies on our website:


Necessary cookies

Those are core cookies the page can not work without


Functional cookies

These are cookies used for measuring traffic and analyze page conversion

Advertisment cookies

These are cookies used for advertising

Social cookies

These are cookies used by social sites like facebook, google+ and twitter