Have you found an event that you do not want to miss, but you hesitant to buy tickets for it, because there are still several months till the event and a lot can happen during this time?

We offer you a solution. Buy your tickets online and select Carefree service. In case of compliance with the conditions , it allows you to receive a full refund of ticket money if you cannot attend an event. The service amounts to 5% of the ticket value.

What are we offering you?

• full refund under the terms and conditions set out here
• You can claim your refund until four hours before event starts
• You can use our carefree service for the whole family

Why should you select Carefree service?

•Easy purchase - you add the service at the end of your ticket purchase
•Be among the first buyers and don't worry about whether the event will be sold out
• In case of illness, injury, death in the family or pregnancy problems, you do not have to deal with tickets
• If your car or other means of transportation break down on the way to the event, you will only regret the missed experience not buying the ticket.

FAQ about Carefree

How much does Carefree cost?

The amount represents 5% of the amount of selected tickets.

How do I purchase Carefree service?

Simply add the service at the end of your shopping process.

Can I pay for Carefree afterwards?

No. Service can only be added on at the end of the shopping process.

What should I do if something happens to me and I am unable to attend the event, but I paid for the Carefree?

If something happens to you and you purchased carefree, please inform us via email at up to four hours before the beginning of the event at the latest. Make sure to state your purchase number.

Do I also get reimbursed for order fee?

No, as those direct costs incurred anyway.

Do I also get reimbursed for postage costs?

No, as those direct costs incurred anyway.

What should I do if I could not attend the event but did not pay for the Carefree? Can I still return thetickets?

Eventim is not the orginizer of individual events. Therefore, if you buy tickets, you cannot return or claim them (as stated in General Terms and Conditions and on the back of each ticket).

In which cases can I claim Carefree?

• Severe illness, serious injury, pregnancy complications, death in the family (medical certificate required).
•Damage or mulfunction of a private vehicle or taxi on the way to the event

In which cases claiming Carefree is not an option?

•If you have lost your car keys
•For circumstances that arose prior purchase of tickets
•For circumstances that buyer could have foreseen in advance.
•Carefree service does not include circumstances, which were presented in the time before the confirmation of order, or the circumstances, which could be anticipated by the buyer at the time of confirmation of order
• Carefree service does not include circumstances, which may appear on the side or event organizer. Withdrawal from contract by system carefree service is not possible in the case of event cancellation or in case if not all conditions were met by the event organizer.
• Carefree service does not cover the refund if the event has been canceled due to the insolvency or bankruptcy of the event promoter.