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Artist description

Toni Cetinski is a Croatian musician and singer.

He became famous when his first album “Srce nikad ne laze” came out. One of his most important events in the carrier are song “Nek te zagrli netko sretniji” and when he represented the Croatia at the Eurosong with his song “Nek ti bude ljubav sva”.

Toni also made a duet “Dolce suono” with the famous tenor Jose Carreras and was a guest at his concert in Zagreb on 12.19.2009., with Celine Byrne. He was also a guest at Michael Bolton’s concert in Royal Albert Hall. He amazed the English audience when he performed the songs “Caruso” and “O sole mio”.

He has been awarded with Red Danice hrvatske with Marko Marulić for his contribution to the culture, Porin and others. In the last couple of years, he has been one of the most broadcasted performers in Croatia.

He has been a judge in “Hrvatska traži zvijezdu”, Croatian version of “Britain’s got talent”.

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