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Artist description

Sport climbing spectacle of the year


IFSC Climbing World Cup Kranj 2017


The final competition of the World Cup in Lead will be held in Kranj for the 22nd time, again promising a truly spectacular sport climbing event. You are invited to come and loudly support our heroines and heroes, and to meet the best climbers from all over the world.


It is a delightful tradition that the Slovenian sport climbers are again among the best in the world. The main players in lead climbing are still Janja Garnbret, ranked first in the World Cup overall, and last year's joint winner of the World Cup in lead and combination, who also won the World Champion title last year, but has not yet won in front of the domestic audience, Mina Markovič, who has won the Kranj competitions several times, and who is the European vice-champion of 2017 in lead and three-times joint winner of the World Cup, as well as Domen Škofic, last year's joint winner of the World Cup, who has already stood on the winning podium this year. At the competition in Kranj we expect large participation of the national sport climbing team, who will be happy if you come to support them.