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  1. Odlično

    by Ana at Stožice on 18.11.2017

    Vse pohvale Riblji Čorbi in publiki. Včeraj smo zelo uživali na koncertu! Združili ste več generacij, ki so dokazale, da dobra glasba ne pozna meja. Svaka čast Bora!

Artist description

Riblja Čorba was officially formed on August 15, 1978 in the restaurant Šumatovac in Belgrade by Bora Đorđević (vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriter), and SOS members Miša Aleksić (bass guitar), Miroslav "Vicko" Milatović (drums) and Rajko Kojić (guitar). Đorđević was previously a member of the acoustic rock bands Zajedno and Suncokret and the pop rock band Rani Mraz. The band SOS previously released three 7" singles and recorded a studio album Prvi poziv (The First Call) which featured Đorđević on vocals as guest, however, it remained unreleased until the present day. The four intended to name the band Bora i Ratnici (Bora and the Warriors), Popokatepetl (Popocatépetl) or Riblja Čorba (Fish Stew, at the time the Belgrade slang for menstruation), but as the magazine Radio TV revija published a poster of the band with the name Riblja Čorba, the band decided to continue performing under that name. Riblja Čorba is one of the best-selling and is considered one of the top and most influential acts on the former Yugoslav rock scene and remains one of the top mainstream acts on the Serbian rock scene.