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50 years of ski-flying hill – Planica 2019

Ticket presale for the biggest sporting event in Slovenia starts on November 8th.

In 1969 a new chapter in ski jumping was written. Ski-flying hill hosted the first international competition and since then the whole world has been following unforgettable sports stories. An important part of these stories is also you and all the fans who have been creating an amazing atmosphere in the valley under the Ponce mountains for decades.

Therefore we invite you to join us at the FIS World Cup Finals at the end of March, on anniversary that will surely bring us new breath-taking ski-flights. Everybody is coming to Planica, so should you along with your family and friends!

From November 8th till March 5th 2019 tickets are available at a lower price in presale!
See you in Planica! 

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