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Artist description

Peter Lovšin, known also as Pero Lovšin (born June 27, 1955), is a Slovenian musician, songwriter and singer, best known as a frontman of the first Yugoslav punk rock group Pankrti. After a period with Pankrti in the 1980s, he formed a successful rock band Sokoli and later continued with a great solo career.
He is best known for working with rock music, but also with reggae in the later stages of his 30-year career. He supported the Sex Pistols on their 1996 tour and is now playing with Ivan Krall (Patti Smith, U2).
In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he organized several tours with folk rock musicians Vlado Kreslin and Zoran Predin. Among others, they composed the anthem of the Slovenia national football team for the 2000 European Football Championship.

Source: Wikipedia