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Artist description

Oliver Dragojević is one the most famous Croatian singers. He became popular when he performed Dalmatian chanson “Galeb i ja”, conducted by Runjić. Till the begging of the 1980’s his cooperation (“Malinkonija“, “Romanca“, “Oprosti mi, pape“, “Poeta“, “Vjeruj u ljubav“, “Nadalina“ i “Piva klapa ispo’ volta“) with Runjić made him the leading performer on the pop scene.

He started to cooperate with Zlatan Stipišić Gibboni and the result was a big hit “Cesarica”.

The next great success was his album “Vridilo je”, which came out in 2005. The next step was triumphant concert in London in Royal Albert Hall on 4.19.2010. He continued the series of great albums with the newest album “Samo da je tu” (2011) and confirmed himself as one the leading vocal interpreters in Croatia.