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NK Olimpija Ljubljana

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Olimpija Ljubljana is one of the most recognizable football clubs in the region. Roots of the foundation go way back to 1911. Name Olimpija appears for the first time in season 1961. A deep mark in the hearts of fans all over the former Yugoslavia was left with the club playing in 1. Yugoslavian league. Slovenia became independant in 1991 and the »Dragons« won first four seasons in the newborn country's first league. Not only fans from Ljubljana but people all over Slovenia and the rest of the world identify with the green-white color combination.

Olimpija's home is at Stožice stadium. Record attendance was achieved on a friendly match against Chelsea FC on 27th july 2014, when 15.972 visitors atended the match.

Some notable world class players played for Olimpija: Mile Aćimović, Sebastjan Cimirotič, Vili Ameršek, Marko Elsner, Danilo Popivoda, Zoran Ubavić, Ermin Šiljak, Aleš Čeh, Robert Prosinećki, Jan Oblak, Mladen Rudonja, Janez Pate, Primož Gliha and many others.