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Artist description

Neisha (*1982,Ljubljana)-Slovenian singer, pianist, composer, grew up as a child in a big, musically oriented family. She's a classically trained as a pianist and composer, studied at the Music Academy in Ljubljana. By the age of 16 she became the youngest member of the Slovenian composer's association. She played in many bands, was a studio session musician, composed all kinds of music, won competitions and slowly developed herself as an author and a solo artist.
Her first record 'Neisha' was released in 2005 and was an overnight hit. The record went double platinum and earned all the important nominations and awards in Slovenia (SRF, Viktor,..) alongside breaking the record in sales. Neisha appeared also as the opening act and 'baptized' regional MTV Adria.
By now she has released 4 albums in Slovenia, one in Croatia and had local releases of some hit songs, singles and videos (for example-'Miles away' was released on" Warner's hits" compilation in Ucraine, 'Milo moje' in Serbia,'Ljubav je domino' in Croatia..).
Neisha performed on the high profile events, both in Slovenia and over Europe, representing Slovenia as an ambassador of cultural dialog. Concerts were performed in Brussels, London, Belgrade, Monaco, Luxembourg,.. She performed with symphonic orchestras, big bands, and did a massive multimedia project known as "Fusion of art" which took place in Kranjska Gora (Slovenia). Neisha and DJ Valentino Kanzyani  performed in front of a 25000 crowd, with their own musical creation, specially created for that occasion.
Neisha also performed on several biggest European show case festivals such as MIDEM in Cannes, POPKOMM in Berlin, EBU-Eurosonic festival in Groningen., toured Slovakia and  won 3 awards at international song competition in Serbia (Panmusic festival).
Neisha is in the process of gaining popularity in the wider Balkan region. A lot of her recent popularity goes to her cooperation with huge regional artists such as Gibboni, Vlatko Stefanovski, Kornelije Kovač, Massimo, Vlado Kreslin, David Garfield&the cats, Terrafolk,Valentino Kanzyani ...She is becoming known and recognized as a serious artist and a female author/performer.
In september 2010 her latest record 'Krila' was released and immediatley won all the charts.