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Artist description

LeeLooJamais first started making their mark with the release of their debut, Pod Vplivom in 2001. The pop rock formula they were playing under soon became much too restrictive for the members who were studying music all around the world. Their expanded sound came to life on their sophomore release Nextasy in 2004, adding R&B, soul and hip hop to the mix. This vibrant sound helped establish the band as one of the best live acts in Slovenia and brought them the title - The album of the year.

Looking for new challenges, Lara Love, the lead singer decided it was time to part ways with the band and move on. With a singer Christine in place, LeeLooJamais released their third album, Country Music Club. The album brought additional music stylings to the band including heavy flirting with the sound of American dance floors. However, the album did not resonate with the band’s fans and Lara Love made the decision to re-join shortly thereafter.

Now back on track, LeeLooJamais – triple MTV nominees released their fourth studio album Excuse My Imagination. The album reflects their creative and fresh attitude towards songwriting and producing which was all-made by the band itself. For the first time all of the tracks on the album are in english showing their ambition to spread their music worldwide.

At the moment band is in top performing shape while touring around central-eastern Europe playing at clubs joining festivals like Exit Festival, Schengenfest, Festival Lent etc. LeeLooJamais were sharing lineups with names such as Joss Stone, Kaiser chiefs, Laibach, Parov Stelar and many more.
In 2012 LeeLooJamais were official support act for Duran Duran.

Source: http://www.leeloojamais.com/