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Group Kanda Kodža i Nebojša would in near future like to visit his fans in Serbia and will try to schedule a show in Serbia. If you are interested and want to be updated, register here.

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Artist description

Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša is a Serbian alternative rock band from Belgrade. The band, consiting of Oliver Nektarijević (vocals), Rastko Lupulović (guitar), Vladislav Rac (bass guitar) Stevan Dimitrijević (drums), was formed in 1991. They were soon joined by Marko Petronijević (trumpet). Having performed for two years, and winning the Palilula Culture Olympics, the band went on hiatus as vocalist Nektarijević went to the United States of America. On his return, in 1994, the band continued working, releasing their debut album Guarda Toma! in 1996. The album, featuring live recordings, made on May and October 1995 at the Belgrade KST, and studio material, including "Put za Tunu" ("The Road to Tuna"), "Priroda" ("Nature"), featuring guest appearance by Darkwood Dub vocalist Dejan "Vuča" Vučetić, "Toma Bebić", dedicated to the singer Toma Bebić, "Visokogradnja" ("Buildnigs") and "Sisa" ("Tit"), the latter two already being released on the various artists compilation Mi smo za mir (We Are for Peace). The band, combining funk and jazz with rock, with Nektarijević's reggae vocal interpretations, soon became a leading club rock act and a live attraction…