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»Back to your roots – here and now.«

18th – 21st  October 2018

Brda, Vila Vipolže, Slovenia










INTINITI Dance Bliss International Festival 2018 - a festival with a purpose to share...


... the TASTE of dance freedom – CONSCIOUS DANCES - ISCHMECH

... the POWER of the present moment - MINFULNESS

… the ROOTS of human beings - LOVE

... the KNOWLEDGE of African and Slovenian culture from childrens eyes - WE CARE FOR CHILDREN



INTINITI Dance Bliss International Festival brings together world renown concepts:

- Raising consciousness through DANCE WITHOUT FORM - ISHMECH

Connect with the intelligence of your heart first.

Using Ishmech methods and various techniques to explore the body, you will learn how to correctly use your body in a relaxed state as an instrument for self-expression, free and focused communication, self-control, improved awareness and for achieving objectives with ease. You will achieve physical self-confidence, a state of physical relaxation, and intellectual and psychological detachment. This in turn leads us to a complete state of freedom, in which we are capable of creating our own life situations.

- AFRO TRIBAL African heritage, culture, and wisdom.

Allow the music dance through your body, reaching your soul.

African dances have a historic background and meaning. They are organic, earthbound, they relax your body and increase your awareness of it. Live drumming and an eternal bond between the rhythm and movement, which merge into one, create a special atmosphere during African dances. They also have something that we could describe as being bound to earth. The dances are extremely energetic. Dancers and drummers are seeking the common rhythm, rhythm of life, where there is a place for everyone and everybody has their role.


Feel the other on the dance path of Beauty and Joy.

Kizomba is a sensual dance, which is contagious, as a catchy melody and a dance which touches our souls. The allure of Kizomba is not in the many combinations and tricks; we completely give ourselves in to the music and create harmony between the two dancers on the dancefloor. The essence of Kizomba is in harmonious moves between the dancers, which are often expressed with an embrace and interpretation of the Kizomba music.

When two bodies dance as one, you can find they create an incredible energy that you will not forget soon. Kizomba is a dance that allows the pair to play with the music they are dancing to, and promotes empathic leading skills and complicity between man and woman.

Due to its softness and easy basic steps, it allows any novice to gradually evolve to more complex steps, and more importantly, it allows a beginner to enjoy the pleasure of social dancing in a short time.


Be fully alive in the present moment and become The Dance.

Being Mindful means becoming fully aware of your experience here and now, both internally and in the external world around you. Observing without judging or having any opinion. Our mind is accustomed to clinging and holding onto, instead of letting go or allowing a free flow. Acceptance of whatever is guides us to a natural transformation


- 3 days of workshops in 2 rooms in Vila Vipolže with world renown artists: Ishmech, afro tribal, kizomba, semba, mindfulness, round table, special lecture - neuroscience of dance, musicality, workshops for children, drums playing with concert and African fashion, food and accessories...

- 4 night parties in 2 rooms in Vila Vipolže: 1. Kizomba and semba; 2. Free dancing - international popular music

- Social dancing during the day in front of Vila Vipolže, mindfulness games, wine and olive oil tasting, movies

- trip through Brda region

- Journey throughout exclusive cuisine experience by Tomaž Kavčič: genuine food, local products, snack bar, 3 dinners provided at the venue

Learn new ways of relaxing the everyday stress and requirements of everyday life.

INTINITI Dance Bliss festival will not only make you better dancers, partners, friends, parents, workers, but what is more, you’ll become better human beings

Experience the BEAUTY OF THE MOMENT, feel the BODY, JOY OF LIFE and shine - HERE and NOW.