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Group Goblini would in near future like to visit his fans in Serbia and will try to schedule a show in Serbia. If you are interested and want to be updated, register here.

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Artist description

Goblini are a Serbian punk rock band from Šabac. Guitarist Alen Jovanović and Vladislav Kokotović "Vlada" with the vocalist Branko Golubović, formed Goblini. The band changed several drummers until Nenad Divnić came to the band. The lineup recorded the first album Goblini (The Goblins), released on compact cassette only, and released in small printing in April 1994. The band released their first live album, KST Live 31.08.'95, a live cassette of their performance at the Belgrade KST on August 31, 1995. Among the songs, the band played cover versions of KUD Idijoti songs "Pisma o ribaru Marinu, Mari i moru" ("Song about the Fisherman Marin, Mara and the Sea") and "Minijatura" ("A Miniature"), Ramones songs "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" and "Commando" and a version of The Clash cover of "I Fought the Law", with lyrics in Serbian language entitled "Ne mogu više" ("I Cannot Bear It"), which were regularly performed on concerts. "Ne mogu više" was dedicated to the president Slobodan Milošević and the last part of the song featured the chorus of the Talking Heads's track "Road to Nowhere". The band also played Boris Novković's song "Tamara" since Jovanović was for a time a part of Novković's backing band, and the cover of Demolition 23 track "Same Shit, Different Day", featuring Pilipović on lead vocals…