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Gerd Janson, Sonja Moonear, Etapp Kyle, Terence Fixmer, Andrey Pushkarev, Cinthie, S.A.M., Arapu, Sweely (live), SPFDJ, Jensen Interceptor, Youandewan, Michelle (live), Nite Fleit


Alex Ranerro, Borka, Chin, DEN7EL, Disco Durum, Dulash Der DJ, Dvidevat, Eliaz (live), Ian F., Jan Kinčl, Jaša Bužinel & Blažen DJ, Josh Rawl, Lara, Levanael, Marin Biocic DJ, Massaï, Mayell, Moare, Nikolaj, Nulla, R.Bade, Rokko, Roli, RSN, Runy, Schrauff, Simm., Softskinson, Staša, SunnySun, Teo, Thon Kland, Tim Kern, Tritch, Tzena, Vassallo

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