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Artist description

The second edition of Butik Festival is re-scheduled to an August date. It will be held from 19th to 22nd of August 2021. Festival has a boutique capacity, multiple small venues, relaxed vibe and quality electronic music. Combine this with beautiful natural surroundings that Soča Valley offers and we are in for another great experience.


Gerd Janson ⏤ Sonja Moonear ⏤ Etapp Kyle ⏤ Terence Fixmer ⏤ Francesco del Garda ⏤ Andrey Pushkarev ⏤ Arapu ⏤ Gene on Earth ⏤ Mama Snake ⏤ Michelle (live)

Nite Fleit ⏤ S.A.M. ⏤ Sweely (live) ⏤ Youandewan

Alex Ranerro ⏤ Borka ⏤ Chin ⏤ DEN7EL ⏤ DEN7EL ⏤ Disco Durum ⏤ Dulash der DJ

⏤ Dvidevat ⏤ Eliaz (live) ⏤ Ian F. ⏤ Jan Kinčl ⏤ Jaša Bužinel & Blažen DJ ⏤ Josh Rawl

⏤ Levanael ⏤ Marin Biocic ⏤ Massaï ⏤ Mayell ⏤ Moare ⏤ Nikolaj ⏤ Nitz ⏤ Nulla ⏤ R.Bade ⏤ Rokko ⏤ Roli ⏤ RSN ⏤ Runy ⏤ Schrauff ⏤ Simm. ⏤ Softskinson ⏤ SunnySun ⏤ Teo ⏤ Thon Kland ⏤ Tim Kern ⏤ Tritch ⏤ Tzena ⏤ Vassallo

Camping and pre-party on Thursday, 19th of August, are included in the festival ticket price.