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The popular singer Bebi Dol would in near future like to visit his fans in Serbia and will try to schedule a show in Serbia. If you are interested and want to be updated, register here.

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Artist description

In 1983, she released her first solo album, Ruže i krv (Roses and Blood). She wrote all the songs on the album, except "Sinu Sunca i bratu Meseca" ("To the Son of the Sun and brother of the Moon"), a cover of 17th century traditional song, featuring recordings of Ingrid Bergman's and Humphrey Bogart's dialogues, and "Lapis Lazzuli", a cover of Angelo Branduardi song. The album featured Saša Habić (as the producer and on bass guitar and keyboards), Goran Vejvoda (on guitar), Dejan Kostić (on guitar and bass guitar), Zoran Zagorčić (on keyboards), Bebi Dol's father Milenko Šarić (on saxophone), Dejan Stanisavljević (on keyboards), Slobodan Marković (on keyboards), Zoran Konjović (on guitar), and the Radio Television Belgrade's String Quartet.[2] During the same year, she released the 12" single Rudi. Beside the title track (referring to Rudolph Valentino), which became a huge hit, the single also featured a cover of The Supremes song "Baby Love". During her 1983 staying in England, she worked with Howard Devoto, but these recordings never saw the light of the day…