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Artist description

Alya's connections to music goes far in her childhood. She started singing quite early and as a little girl she also played piano . Later on, she invited four boys to found her own quality band.

One of her first performances was the radio Hit festival  in 2001 with the song Mr. Pozelenja which brought her 2nd place.
After that she made a boom on different radio music charts, especially with her next song Igra which had a premiere in the Slovenian Supermodel show  2002.

All of the time she had lot of concerts in clubs and events…She also participated in the Slovenian Euro Song Contests (EMA)  and hit the top of Slovenian charts. Her first CD album Alya was published by Menart and was relised  in April 2004. Album was published in gold and also in platinum edition. Videos Alya and Zvezda vecera, were also very successful abroad and climbed the charts on MTV (World Chart Express).

Her song Fluid won the prestige award for the best rock song in Slovenia for the year 2004 on the S.R.F. (Slovenian Radio Festival).
In the year 2004 she won the title Slovenian musician with the best style (The statue of Modna Jana). The readers of the magazine FHM (For Him Magazine) marked Alya as one of the sexiest women in the world. In addition to this, the research of one of the Slovenian biggest internet search engine ( showed that she is one of the most wanted Slovenian artists on the web.

Slovenian journalists chose her for The singer of the year 2005.
She was the advertising face of the year for Wrigley and in the year 2006 also made a promotion for Slovenian biggest mobile provider - Mobitel.

She recorded a hit song A veš which was written by Jan Plestenjak and it was voted for the best song of the year 2008 and  made a new hip-hop version with a guest 6Pack Cukur.
She also recorded song for Reality show Big Brother 2008, called Zelo naglas (I don't care in English).

In may 2009 she relised a new album Non Stop!, mainly produced in Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, and suported by guitar parts from Henning Rumenapp (Guano Apes).
Single 'Brazil' from album Non Stop! is a most popular song in her country and now she's presenting new song 'Tu in zdaj (Say goodbye)' which video was exclusively promoted by MTV Adria.

Alya is known by her energy, sexapil, attractiveness and temperament. The media marked her as sexy and original. Just like her music is.