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Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture is a centre for contemporary and urban creativity serving Ljubljana and Slovenia in general. It is the first and only project of the kind in the region, primarily dedicated to music, theatre, dance and experimental events, while it will also ensure production facilities (rehearsal, labs and studios). The programme of Kino Šiška represents and combines the urban life,multiculturalism, a politically unbiased attitude and advanced technology, at the same time encouraging innovation, creativity and international cooperation.

Featuring 2,468 m2 of architectural and technological innovations, Kino Šiška ranks among largest and technically most advanced venues of its kind in Europe. The large Katedrala hall with its 743 m2 can hold 800 visitors standing or 450 seating in various configurations, adapting to individual events, mostly music and theatre performances, whereas the small Komuna hall can hold up to 120 seats at 205 m2 for more intimate, mostly experimental events or discussions.

Kino Šiško is a point of sale for Eventim. Eventim is the biggest ticketing company in Slovenia as well as in Europe. At the point of sale Kino Šiška we sell tickets for all large events (concerts, festivals, sport events, theatre, fairs etc.) in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and the entirety of middle and eastern Europe. We issue paysafe cards and smartpaycard.

Opening hours:

Box office in Kino Šiška is closed from 24.6.2016 until 29.8.2016.

In summertime there will be some concerts. At the day of event, box office will be open from 15:00. 

4.7. – Damien Jurado

14.7. – God is an Astronaut

3.8. - Mudhuney

The box office is open after in case of live events (usually and hours before the show start). However all payments must be made in cash.

M: +386 30 310 110

Tel.: +386 1 500 30 00

E-mail: info@eventim.si (we kindly ask you to resolve all your issues through our email address. We require a written version of your request when resolving most of the issues, for example cancellations, complaints etc.)

Web: www.eventim.si

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eventim.si

Adress: Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, 1000 Ljubljana