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Artist description

Plavi orkestar is one of the most popular bands in the ex-Yugoslavia region. They were founded in Sarajevo in 1983 within the movement “New primitives” together with “Zabranjeno Pušenje” and Elvis J. Kurtović. Its members are Saša Lošić (vocalist), Mladen Pavičić (guitar), Admir Ćeramida (drums), Samir Ćeramida (bass guitar) and Saša Zalepugin (guitar).

Up till today, they released 8 albums, sold in 5 million copies and held more than 1500 concerts. The biggest part of the concerts was held in ex-Yugoslavian countries, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and many other countries.

Their career was marked by great hits like the anthological songs Suada, Kaja, Bolje biti pijan nego star, Sava tiho teče, Zelene su bile oči te, Kad mi kažeš paša, Simpatija, Ako su to samo bile laži, Odlazim, as well as many others.

Their work has been awarded many times.