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Artist description

Parni Valjak is a Croatian rock band. The band is made of Husein Hasanefendić – Hus, Aki Rahimovski, Marijan Brkić – Brk, Zorislav Preksavec – Prexi, Dalibor Marinković – Dado, Berislav Blažević – Bero, but during their existence, numerous different musicians passed through the band (eg Jurica Pađen, Bajaga, Johnny Štulić…).

Parni Valjak is one of the biggest and most popular Zagreb’s pop-rock bands. It was started in 1975 and it continues to play to this day, with a little pause in 1988 and a four year one from 2005 to 2009. This band is one of the founders of the whole rock and pop-rock wave in the region and it released many hits like “Lutka za bal”, “Stranica dnevnika”, “Neda”, “Moje dnevne paranoje”, “Uhvati ritam”, “Jesen u meni”, “Ugasi me”, “Sve još miriše na nju”, “Zastave”, “Sunčanom stranom” and others.