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Artist description

Let the sunshine in ... HAIR - the musical

Esotericism, incense sticks, LSD and free love - those are the hallmarks of the hippies. In HAIR, the flower power movement of the generation of 1968 is looking for a new approach to life. A generation beyond war, segregation and authority. The age of "Aquarius". Make love, not war.

The story centers on Claude H. Bukowski, and George Berger's hippie group. Claude's patriotic middle-class background clashes with the experiences he shares with Berger and his girlfriend Sheila. A conscription call brings him to New York where he starts questioning his conservative background. Will he ignore his new pacifist ideals and serve his country as a soldier in Vietnam, kill people and risk his own life? Or will he become a conscientious objector, accepting the resulting prison sentence and ostracism?

In the end of the 1960s, more than half a million soldiers were stationed in Vietnam. A protest movement with demonstrations and student unrests was born in response to the Vietnam War and the status quo. The revolt coincided and merged with the Afro-American civil rights movement fighting apartheid, racism and violence. Long hair, flowers and free love became the symbols of resistance. Germany also saw the outbreak of a student movement fighting the established social conditions.

The musical HAIR reflects the emotions of the young people of this time, and shows that hippies and flower power do not stand for lazy down-and-outs slackers, but young students and workers who have been influenced by the revolt.

HAIR is more than just a brilliant dance show of music and colorful costumes. It's a history lesson as well: both entertaining and dramatic, the story lets you feel the fear and hope for a better future. Profound lyrics, breathtaking songs and choreographies turn HAIR into an unforgettable event - you will leave the theater feeling younger and take the spirit of the musical home with you.