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Artist description

"Music needs to fill your soul, that's its essence." - Ditka  

With this moto, Ditka, singer, guitarist and composer has been building his music story for more than ten years. She entered the world of music as a little girl. Her father Gorazd, music professor, pianist, composer, singer, impressed her with music and soon began to work together. The story that is being written today is a combination of the poetry put to music and own music Do not be like the other song of poet Ferry Lainšček, who was dubbed by Ditkin's father Gorazd in 2012 and became very popular among listeners. In collaboration with the poet, she has published two CDs, Ne bodi kot drugi (2013) and Do not change me (2016). Her current project is concerts of love love lyrics, which she performs at prestigious locations (cultural homes, theaters, ...) in the company Ferija Lainšček and the accompanying band, which is also her father Gorazd Čepin. In 2016/2017, with this kind of concert, over 20 halls throughout Slovenia were sold out. Ditka has numerous independent concerts throughout Slovenia and concerts within major festivals such as the Beer Festival and the Laško Flowers Festival, Arsana Festival, Lent Festival, ... Its purpose is to create quality music that does not leave a person indifferent and work continuously and in the long run, which is also evident on the basis of the singles he regularly publishes. Ditka's music in English is well received at home and abroad, which is also reflected in success at various music festivals. He constantly upgrades his knowledge of singing and playing guitar. Currently she is vocal educated at BK Vocal studio in Celje, and she started with prof. Natasha Nahtigal in Domzale. He graduated from a lower music school for guitar and a few years ago he studied the instrument with prof. Andrew Ofaku. Ditka regularly participates in music education / seminars at home and abroad (2011- "Jazz Camp Kranj", 2014- Singer / Songwriter Workshop - Yspertal, Austria, 2015 - "Michaela Singt", Vienna, Austria, ...).