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At the peak of their worldwide tour the greatest music group of once Yugoslavia is coming  
to Ljubljana Arena Stožice Ljubljana on 9 March 2018.
USA had Elvis, UK had Beatles and Yugoslavia had Bijelo dugme. They were the first music group to record in London. The first to tour and put on concerts in sports halls and arenas. They were the first to set out guidelines for music industry. First to spark the pure euphoria at concerts and beyond. They were the only group to show that it is possible to have a prolific musical career outside English speaking world. They are an institution that enwrapped the entire subculture.
Goran Bregović, Alen Islamović and Mladen Vojičić-Tifa with the great orchestra of 30 musicians playing accompaniment will create an experience the audience in Ljubljana will remember. All together as one they will sing songs such as Ima neka tajna veza, Sanjao sam nočas da te nemam, Ne spavaj mala moja, Ružica si bila, Đurđevdan, Lipe cvatu, Doživjeti stotu, Hajdemo u planine, Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi bosanac, Napile se ulice, Svi marš na ples, and many other nowadays considered folk tunes.  
The group’s worldwide tour designed for big arenas started last November with three sold out concerts at the arena Komank in Belgrade and went on to London, Stuttgart, Köln, Wien, Munich, Istanbul, Sofia, Skopje, Zagreb, and elsewhere in Europe.
They continue to spark interest. This week they performed in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, at the end of the month, they are flying to USA to put on concerts in Chicago, Atlanta and New Jersey.  
The renown of Goran Bregović has been appealing to old and new fans. The group has captured the hearts of many a generation with their characteristic style. Do not miss the biggest concert of the music group Bijelo dugme in Slovenia on 9 March 2018 at the Stožice Center Ljubljana!
Responsible organiser of the event:
Slovenska cesta 38
1000 Ljubljana

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Slovenska cesta 38

1000 Ljubljana

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